Spacial Image Lab: Cooperative paths to a sustainable and climate-friendly region of Nordhausen


At the third workshop, the Spatial Image Lab, excellent presentations and discussions were held to find out what possibilities there are for implementing the approaches the URA team has collected for Spatial Image in the Nordhausen area. Thanks to the contribution of expertise and visions of Nordhausen from the participants, the team has built perspectives of the concrete development paths, milestones and cooperation possibilities and jointly drawn up „roadmaps“ for the implementation of selected development approaches. During the workshop, existing framework conditions have been critically reflected. Helpful tools, roles and cooperation structures for a cycle-oriented, social and sustainable Nordhausen have also been discussed in groups.


All three workshops in the series have now been successfully completed. As part of the BMBF-funded project „Urban-Rural Assembly (URA)“ that is led by the Habitat Unit, Multiple-Actor-Workshops in Nordhausen offered us a great opportunity to explore the strategic planning process together with Sino-German scientists and local citizens, and to create an image of a climate-friendly and sustainable future.

Professor of landscape architecture and planning at the Bauhaus University in Weimar

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