Promising discussions at Impact Hub’s Innovation Garage to prepare for 2nd Build4People Sustainable Building Arena


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On 28 February 2023, members of the so called Build4People Transition Team met to discuss the design of the upcoming Sustainable Building Arena. The meeting was joined by Ms. Leakhena Setha, Ms. Emilie Traub, Mr. Sothirith Yuk, Mr. Sokhai Nop and Build4People team members Ravi Jayaweera (Research Associate, Work Package “Sustainable Urban Transformation”) and student assistant Niels Kapeller. The key question of this meeting was how to move from abstract visions to more concrete project ideas and actual implementation on the ground. The date of the next Build4People Sustainable Building Arena was set to take place on 20 April 2023 in Phnom Penh. Build4People would like express its deep gratitude to the transition team members for their time and valuable inputs.