FloodAdaptVN household survey on flood impacts and adaptation – Enumerator training & survey testing


2023 hh enumerators

To better understand specific impacts of floods on households in Hue as well as their adaptation strategies, the FloodAdaptVN project conducts a household survey in different wards and communes across the city. The survey is conducted by local enumerators affiliated with Hue University of Science (HUSC) and Hue University International School (HUIS). To best prepare the enumerators for the survey, an extensive training over two days has been offered by the FloodAdaptVN project consortium, led by UNU-EHS. A group of 28 enumerators participated in the sessions. This entailed an introduction to the project, including aims and expected outcomes of the survey, as well as training with tablets and the survey software, as the survey is conducted tablet-based. After the training, the survey was tested by enumerators at 15 households. Experiences from this testing were shared with the FloodAdaptVN survey coordinator team in dedicated feedback sessions. These insights were used to adjust and fine-tune the questionnaire before the actual survey start.