SURE Facilitation and Synthesis Research Project: »Monitoring Impact, Defining References«

The 7th Synergy Workshop will start off with a key note presentation by Dr Oskar Marg, Institute for Social-Ecological Research on the topic „Social effects of transdisciplinary urban research. Findings from the accompanying research project ‚SynVer*Z’“.  Afterwards the SURE Facilitation & Synthesis team will introduce the participants to the SURE Reference Picture and host different breakout sessions discussing the impact according to the six SURE Focus Topics.

After a summary and closing remarks, there will be time and (virtual) spaces for a more informal exchange between the participants.

The Facilitation and Synthesis Research team is looking forward to the workshop.

Weitere Veranstaltungen

SURE Facilitation and Synthesis Research Project: »Introduction and Exploration«

The first SURE Synergy Workshop aim was twofold: introduction and exploration. First, the workshop aimed to introduce the SURE Facilitation and Synthesis Research Project, the concept of synergy workshops and intended to gather feedback and suggestions. Secondly, the workshop aimed to provide space for project partners to meet, explore each other’s work and exchange about potential synergies.

SURE Facilitation and Synthesis Research Project: »From Research to Action – Lessons Learned«

The intentions of SURE Synergy Workshop 2 were to have an exchange on experiences from previous programmes and projects, to get insights into different research programmes and projects and to learn from each other’s experiences.