Synergy Workshop 9 »Applied Urban Climate«

SURE Facilitation and Synthesis Research Project

SURE Synergy Workshop 9, 30.03.2023 at 9:30 AM CET, via Zoom

The workshop will discuss how to approach a climatological oriented urban development and building design. Urban climate with a strongly reduced ventilation, reduced nocturnal cooling and an increased heat storage capacity lead to the urban heat island problem and through more convective airflows to flooding problems.

The Urban Climatic Map System provides an evident based tool for planning decision making. Based on a scientific understandings of urban climatic maps future planning scenarios may be tested, and effective mitigation measures (including advices on building density, site coverage, building height, building permeability and greening) may be developed.

Prescriptive guidelines and performance-based methodologies of various tropical cities like Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and Phnom Penh will be presented. With the urban climatic understanding, planners can now balance various planning needs and requirements when making their final planning decisions:

  • City wide analysis and development planning
  • Neighbourhoods planning
  • Building design ( inside outside climate)

The workshop introduces how to link city wide scales (mesoscale) and neighbourhood scales (microscale). VDI/DIN guidelines will be presented and discussed how much they are acceptable for tropical cities. Focus is the thermal aspect and the dynamic conditions in cities.

Further reading:

• Ren, C., Ng, E., & Katzschner, L. 2011. Urban climatic map studies: a review. International Journal of Climatology, 31 (15): 2213-2233. DOI: 10.1002/joc.2237
• Queiroz, S., Katzschner, A und L., Ferreira, D., Assis, E. 2016: Urban Climate, Thermal comfort comparison and evaluation in different climates, elsevier,
• Ng, E. Ed. 2015. The Urban Climatic Map, earthscan, routledge, London

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