Final Report of the Definition Phase Published

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The GreenCityLabHuế Project aims to provide nature-based solutions (NBS) for the city of Hue to tackle its upcoming challenges such as population and economic growth along with increasing exposure to adverse impacts of climate change. Thereby the project proceeds in three phases: Firstly, during its definition phase (2019-2021) the international project team analyzed expected challenges in the context of climate change, the current status of NBS and green-blue infrastructure (GBI) in the city,  and the socio-economic, legal and political framework for their implementation. Furthermore, first drafts of possible scenarios for the future  development of NBS and GBI were discussed with relevant stakeholders and citizens and sites for preferred future NBS and GBI developments were identified. In the following project phase, the research and development phase (R&D phase starting in April 2021), the scenarios will be evolved and specified, a comprehensive city-wide action plan will be developed and first exemplary interventions will be implemented for testing and illustrative purposes. Lastly, during the project’s implementation phase (starting in 2025), selected proposals out of this action plan will be implemented and put into effect.


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