Sustainable Urban Regions

Sustainable Urban Regions Sustainable Urban Regions

Sustainable Development of Urban Regions – SURE

The BMBF funding priority »SURE« is application-oriented research. Project teams from science, civil society, business, politics and administration work together to develop practical solutions for more sustainable and resilient cities and regions in Southeast Asia and China.

What is SURE about?

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Sustainable Urban Regions

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Sustainable Urban Regions
  • Sustainable urban transformation
  • Energy and resource-efficient building
  • Integrated urban neighbourhood development
  • Promotion of urban quality of life
  • Urban greening and urban climate
  • Environmentally friendly behaviour and sustainable lifestyles


Sustainable Urban Regions
  • Energy efficient society
  • Sustainable utilisation concepts for historic wooden houses
  • Increase of indoor comfort
  • Improvement of air quality
  • Urban quality of life


Sustainable Urban Regions
  • Sustainable supply and waste infrastructure
  • Social and environmentally sustainable technologies
  • Conceptual and technical synergies
  • Resource-efficiency
  • Urban-regional cooperation
  • Sustainable urban-rural development
  • Implementation processes


Sustainable Urban Regions
  • Earth observation, mapping and analysis of nature and infrastructure
  • Modelling and scenario development of flood events
  • Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction
  • Strengthening climate resilience
  • »FRAME« information system for risk-informed planning
  • Adaptive and sustainable urban development


Sustainable Urban Regions
  • Strengthening climate resilience
  • Modelling of nature-based solutions and blue-green infrastructure
  • Participation, co-learning and co-creation
  • Sustainable urban transformation
  • Heat adaptation and air quality improvement
  • Improving the urban quality of life


Sustainable Urban Regions
  • Strategic planning of »green infrastructure«
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Climate protection and adaptation
  • Knowledge transfer into planning practice


Sustainable Urban Regions
  • Integrated urban development and sustainable neighbourhoods
  • Urban quality of life
  • Environmentally friendly behaviour and sustainable living
  • Strategic risk reduction of informal settlements
  • Improving socio-economic vulnerability
  • Participatory urban development
  • Transferability of resilient urban planning


Sustainable Urban Regions
  • Integrative, sustainable risk management
  • Concepts of multiple risk prevention
  • Culturally adapted risk prevention
  • Protection of personal documents
  • Securing of critical infrastructure
  • »Build back better« strategies


Sustainable Urban Regions
  • Water-sensitive transformation of urban spaces
  • Sustainable water management
  • Efficient municipal services of general interest
  • Resilience to droughts and floods
  • Reliable drinking water and sanitation supply
  • Urban quality of life


Sustainable Urban Regions
  • Strategic planning and governance tools
  • Integrated territorial development
  • Strengthening urban-rural relations
  • Strengthening circular development
  • Urban-rural material flows, socio-spatial practices and migration
  • Urban-rural landscape typologies and ecosystem services
Sustainable Urban Regions


Installation of Automatic Weather Stations in Phnom Penh by the Team of Build4People Work Package #5 »Urban Climate«

Sustainable Urban Regions

The team of Build4People Work Package #5 »Urban Climate« is currently working on producing an urban climate map of Phnom…

Talks with RUPP Representatives to Discuss Build4People Input to Future BA Course on »Sustainable Urban Planning and Development«

Sustainable Urban Regions

On 23 March 2022, Dr Michael Waibel, leader of the Build4People collaborative project, met the Dean of the Faculty of…

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Dissemination Event with Center for Khmer Studies


Joint Build4People Webinar with Centre for Khmer Studies: »The role of environmental psychology in promoting urban quality of life in Cambodia«

Dissemination Event with Center for Khmer Studies


Joint Build4People Webinar with Centre for Khmer Studies: »Urban Climate in the Planning Process«

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Sustainable Urban Regions


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Sustainable Urban Regions

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Sustainable Urban Regions


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