Resource Efficiency and Mitigation

Resources can be divided into technical/economic resources, such as personnel, operating equipment, capital and knowledge, as well as natural resources. Resource efficiency means the sustainable use of Earth’s resources by minimising the impact on the environment. Or, in other words, creating more value with less input from resources by reducing the associated environmental effects to decouple the link between economic growth and the use of nature.
Mitigation refers to efforts to reduce or prevent greenhouse gas emissions by using new technologies, renewable energies, improving older equipment’s energy efficiency, shifting management practices or consumer behaviour. Measures can vary from bike paths to autonomous buses.
Resource efficiency can help cut back greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, improved resource efficiency and further climate change mitigation can aid the transition-to-sustainability process. Within the SURE funding priority, resource efficiency and Climate Change are addressed through several projects. For instance, CHARMS focuses on improving the thermal comfort of historical houses, preserving cultural heritage and reducing energy use.

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