Talks with RUPP Representatives to Discuss Build4People Input to Future BA Course on »Sustainable Urban Planning and Development«

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On 23 March 2022, Dr Michael Waibel, leader of the Build4People collaborative project, met the Dean of the Faculty of Development Studies at Royal University of Phnom Penh, Dr Rath Sethik, and Dr Try Thuon, in charge of the development of a new RUPP BA course with the title “Sustainable Urban Planning and Development”. This comprehensive 4 year course consists of altogether 29 course units and has 130 credits in total, including foundation year and exam writing.

The meeting served to discuss potential input from the different scientific disciplines of Build4People to the curriculum of the BA course and how to proceed this regard. It was agreed that after the course outline will have received approval from the national ministry level, expected to be in early May 2022 an online meeting with all Build4People team members and staff from RUPP will take place to discuss this more in detail.


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