Research Update 7: Start of Data Collection for Baseline Studies in Sam Neua and Sleman

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Concerted primary and secondary data collection activities for »Water in the City« baseline studies are now well underway in Sam Neau and Sleman. Working together with local teams and approaches, the project has elaborated data collection schemes and activities to help generate a clear understanding and appreciation of the current the state of urban waters, urban planning and development dynamics in each city. In Sam Neua kick-off data collection field visit took place in July/August with local partners and stakeholders. A site visit to inspect the construction of a new water supply facility with a capacity of 8,500 cubic metres, (Photo below) highlighted the city’s growing water supply needs. Meanwhile, the Sleman team has strategically devised and carried out primary collection activities within Sariharjo Village. Most recently a meeting with 16 sub-village leaders took place to define sub-local water related issues and priorities as well as a transect walk through the village. Further data collection field trips are taking place in September.


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