Introduction to the Application of Permeable Pavement to the Planning Agency in Sleman Regency

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On the 18th of August, PUW team held the first meeting with the Planning Agency in Sleman (BAPPEDA Sleman) to introduce to them the application possibilities of permeable pavements  infrastructure (PPI) with an approach that considers urban water management across different sectors and scales. Permeable pavement is considered Green stormwater Infrastructure and can be an important tool for retention and detention of stormwater runoff in SEA countries. During the meeting, it was presented the importance of considering permeable pavements in urban planning, and the pros as well as cons related to permeable pavement were identified. The focus of the presentation was to bring up case studies with a focus on its application in the global south, but also mentioning projects which have worked out very well in the global north. Further discussions were held with the Planning Agency of Sleman about the existing permeable pavement infrastructure in villages, challenges with the current way of implementing these projects, and opportunities whether this approach is a suitable concept for fast changing urban environments in Sleman.


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