Science-Policy Dialogue | Ecological restoration in urban-rural linkages

Urban Rural Assembly

As urbanization grows, problems such as unbalanced urban-rural development and social-spatial polarization have become increasingly prominent. It is crucial to promote sustainable urban development through urban-rural integration. In the process of urban-rural integration development, urban-rural linkages, as concentrate areas of ​​development and construction, have active economic activities, and severe human-land relations, resulting in a sensitive and fragile ecological environment. Strengthening the ecosystem in the urban-rural linkage is of great significance to promote the development and transformation of cities, the construction of beautiful countryside, and the maintenance of social stability in urban and rural areas, laying an important foundation for rural revitalization and urbanization.

On December 5, 2019, the meeting for comprehensive land improvement and ecological restoration in rural areas of Zhejiang Province was held in Wenling, Taizhou. It was asserted that there is a pressing need to advance the enhancement and rehabilitation of the rural ecological environment, as well as the upgrade of the spatial layout, industrial structure, and village arrangement of rural areas. Additionally, it was suggested that collaborative efforts should be made to share the results of comprehensive improvement, in order to strengthen rural revitalization and foster the development of ecological civilization. In December 2020, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Natural Resources issued the “Work Plan for the Compilation of the Provincial Land Space Ecological Restoration Plan (2021-2035)” to further promote the preparation of the provincial land space ecological restoration plan.

In order to promote the ecological environment protection and sustainable development of the urban-rural linkage in Taizhou, the URA Sino-German Consortium plans to hold a scientific-policy dialogue in June 2023 to provide technical advice and policy support for urban-rural ecological restoration. Experts will carry out exchanges and dialogues around the ecological system construction of the urban-rural linkage, in order to improve the functions and service capabilities of the urban-rural ecosystem, and provide more stable and sustainable environmental support for the integrated development of urban and rural areas.

Focus areas

● Differences and connections between urban and rural ecosystems

● Existing ecological and environmental problems in the urban-rural linkage

● Current ecological restoration policies and corresponding mitigation measures

● How ecosystem construction can promote urban-rural integration and rural revitalization

● Turning policies into practice: actors and best practices in the urban-rural linkage


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